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Creating your Wedding Planning Proposal (template included)


Close the sale with a strong but beautiful proposal

Creating your first few proposals inevitably takes hours and hours filled with uncertainty and frustration.

What format should you use?

How much copy?

What images? What if you don't have any?

What information do you share? Have you included too little or too much?

Through this training I will show you what to include in your proposal document using the exact method I used in my own wedding planning business. My conversion rate was high and thus I know if your marketing message is on point, you are attracting the right clients therefore you WILL convert them using this proposal methodology. And what's more I will hand you a template to use so you don't need to waste hours creating your own until you're ready to do so.

I have seen so many beautiful templates available for wedding planners, but the majority of them are just not correct. All too often they are beautiful but vague and resemble a marketing brochure. If you want to succeed as a wedding planner it is imperative you understand the psychology of selling and make no mistake, your proposal is part of that selling process.

This micro training will include

  • What to include in a proposal (notes)

  • What to include in a proposal (video)

  • Full editable proposal template in canva

  • Short tutorial on using canva

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