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Mastering your Wedding Planner Consultations


Conducting your first consultation with prospective clients is nerve racking.

What if you crash and burn?

What questions will you ask?

What if your mind goes blank?

What if instead you walked into that consultation with confidence, knowing how to conduct yourself and what questions you will ask? Get this meeting right and you will be on your way to planning your next clients wedding.

Having a structure to follow can make you feel more in control and in turn relaxed, which is essential when interviewing couples. The information gathered at this stage is then used to create your proposal of services to them so you certainly don’t want to leave the meeting without all the information needed.

This micro training will include

  • How to conduct a consultations (notes)

  • How to conduct a consultation (video)

  • Personality questions to ask

  • Full editable consultation questionnaire in canva

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