Ready to shift your mindset and increase your confidence AND profit in your creative business?

Mindset is the foundation of your business, without it, no amount of strategy will help you succeed. Both are needed if you wish to reach those big scary goals.

How would it feel to have utter conviction on your path to success?

Or to have a business that brings you the creative freedom you always desired?

I know you are a creative soul who has perhaps lost your way, imposter syndrome has stepped in your path. BUT I also know you are ready to do the inner work and smash through any limiting beliefs you have

In order to scale I often talk about delegation and automation but you can’t do this with imposter syndrome or limiting beliefs. Imagine saying to your assistant, “can you just work on my subconscious mind today please”?

You are the future of your business and it starts with unwavering confidence, this can’t be delegated or outsourced, it has to come from within. Meaning you, not your assistant, has to do the inner work.

Through my 1:1 consultancy I often find clients avoiding the strategic work I set because their mind monkeys come out to play. And although we work on this together, I couldn’t help but think, what IF I had the resources available to help them so they can work on their mindset at any time it is needed? And not just in our sessions.

Thus Business Mindset Shift was born.

Hello I’m Bernadette,

I am a certified Business Consultant and Energy healer and work with wedding businesses and creative entrepreneurs. My style is a mix of coaching and consulting providing strategic solutions to problems you may have alongside intuitive analysis of limiting blocks and beliefs. With 20+ years experience in entrepreneurship I am well versed at the challenges faced when scaling. I have battled against my mindset monkeys many times over the years so I could move forwards in business. From limiting beliefs about being good enough, money blocks on what to charge to lack of confidence showing up online. I did the inner work in order to continue growing.

Choosing who to work with can be tough, who exactly can you trust? Which is why I want you to get to know me a little more, read more about my career and family by following the link below.


What we will be covering

Week 1

Imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome causes entrepreneurs to feel inadequate  in their abilities. Causing immense self doubt, regardless of achievements and successes. In this module we will cover typical signs alongside practical exercises to help you move past the feeling

Week 2


Confidence is a muscle, the more you focus on it, train with it, the more it will grow. From showing up online to negotiating with clients, confidence is fundamental for your growth. In this module we will help you understand how to face your fear in order to move past lack of confidence

Week 3

Money Blocks

Money blocks are beliefs we carry which can ‘block’ us from achieving wealth and prosperity. These blocks are in our subconscious that stop us from successfully attracting AND holding onto money. Lets work through what your money story might be

Week 4

Habits for Success

Habits are triggered in our subconscious. All habits are learned and unlearned. In this module I will help you understand what habits can help you towards business success.

I am not a manifestation or spiritual coach, I’m a Business Consultant for Wedding & Creative business owners. But I know blending mindset with business strategy, ensures clients have a higher chance of success in reaching their goals.

This course is designed to help business owners with actionable tasks to undertake, giving clarity on how their subconscious mind might be hindering their success. And although much of what we cover can help in your personal life, the focus primarily is the entrepreneurial space.

My strategy is that all future 1:1 and mastermind clients will be given FREE access to this course henceforth ensuring our sessions can be used predominantly on strategy instead. This course also enables me to support businesses who perhaps are not in a position to work with me 1:1 but still require my help

Business Mindset Shift course is not a one and done exercise, tick it off your list and never think of again. Mindfulness is a state of mind, it’s about paying attention to the present, being aware of your thoughts and feelings as well as any physical reactions (cue frozen in fear at the thought of going live!) You choose which thoughts to listen to, which ones need action and which ones need ignoring (for now).

But can I really know what you are going through? No. But I can guarantee I have been through my own mindfulness journey since my twenties and have changed the way I react to my thoughts. Let me explain…

I was that child that turned beetroot red if a teacher asked me to read in front of the class.

As a 21 year old TV assistant I would again turn red if someone of “importance” spoke to me. Stammering my way through conversations.

But I am also the 22 year old that decided NO MORE. Who set the intention to carry on talking to someone even if I was red. To pretend to be confident. To no longer settle as someone inconsequential. Because damn it I was meant for more.

I was the 24 year old who walked into work as a corporate P.A with confidence I didn’t yet own. I became the executive P.A who created the proposals, managed the budgets and organised conferences abroad. I remember standing in the middle of New York answering questions from my peers even though I a) Had never been to New York before and b) Have the directional sense of a 2 year old 

I was the 26 year old who launched a wedding planning business in a sector that didn’t really exist yet. I again oozed confidence even though I knew nothing about planning weddings let alone business.

I was the 28 year old who launched an industry body for wedding planners, who created a benchmark for professionalism. Who led with integrity and said NO to dishonest practices. Who trained wedding planners even though I had been in business less than 2 years.

I became a leader that appeared on TV, radio, on stage and in newspapers. I gave interviews with passion and confidence. Being an introvert didn’t stop me. 

But yes I still suffered from imposter syndrome and battled my money blocks for years. I know what it is like to have self doubt. To feel like a fraud. To be so scared about being visible you shy away from it.

I know YOU CAN DO THIS , with the tools to help you I have no doubt you will thrive and soar.

What I teach is not rocket science

There will be so many “I know this, so why haven’t I done it” moments

The tasks I set you will feel so easy – but I promise with consistency they have the potential to change your life.

My vision is to empower creative entrepreneurs so they have the confidence to scale and grow. Giving them the freedom, joy and profit they desire.

For just £87 you will receive

Lifetime access to the mini course via our student portal

4 x *training videos 

4 page PDF summary of the course learning’s

Editable / printable workbook 

Additional resources to accompany the training


*This course will be delivered live to everyone that enrols by 20th November over 4 weeks with Q&A at the end. From the 1st December BMS will only be available as an evergreen course with instant access

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